DRUG SAFETY ALERT: Drugs Contraindicated in Breastfeeding

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Drugs that are contraindicated in breastfeeding 

  1. Amiodarone 
  2. Antineoplastics 
  3. Gold salts 
  4. Iodine 
  5. Lithium 
  6. Radiopharmaceuticals 
  7. Retinoids

Although majority of the drugs excreted into the breastmilk are at small amounts, due to inherent vulnerability of the infant, significant adverse effects may result from inappropriate choice of medication and ill-advised drug use during breastfeeding.

Numerous factors affect the drug transfer to the breastmilk and from the breastmilk to the infant’s circulation (e.g. lipid solubility, molecular weight). Timing of the dose, drug’s toxicity, oral bioavailability, age of the infant, relative infant dose, and the volume of the milk consumed may also contribute to increased risk of toxicity to the baby.

As pharmacists, multiple therapeutic interventions can be recommended to the prescriber and patients, which ultimately reduce the risks for both the baby and mother while optimizing the benefits from breastfeeding.

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