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Pharmapreneurship: Establishing Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy

This seminar aims to increase the awareness of pharmacists that they can create their own opportunity through entrepreneurship. The goal of this course is to inspire the next set of pharmacy entrepreneurs with success stories coming from our speakers discussing entrepreneurial attitudes that lead them to where they are now. (4)
Pharmacists Role in Disease Management of Geriatric Population

Due to multiple drugs that elderly patients are taking, several drug-related problems may arise which may be related to exacerbating an existing condition or disease, increasing the risk of falls and severe adverse effects, and medication adherence and administration problems. With these, pharmacists are undeniably crucial in improving the quality of care in elderly patients. 

2019S08 - Poster

The primary goal of the seminar and workshop is to provide the pharmacists with the necessary skills and tools in understanding, screening, interpreting, managing, and documenting possible drug-related problems involving drug to drug or drug to food interactions.

CPD Units Applied for Pharmacists